Dealing with a gain.

I put on three quarters of a pound this week. Now I know it's not big, but it feels big. And there is the problem.
Thinking back over the week I don't think I deserve to have put weight on. I know that is not how it works, but it's still incredibly frustrating. I lost my appetite for the majority of last week. I had a very stressful time and where normally that means quick food on the go I stopped myself. I ate healthily and within my points allowance for each day.

I had no set exercise done other than for a few days run around trying to sort things out. I suppose it's because I know this was the first of possibly quite a few stressful weeks to come I'm honestly gutted with the gain.

It's my sisters birthday on Friday and she had her party on that weekend just past. I am still not drinking so was on my low point, zero alcohol beers and a packet of crisps. All of which got pointed and tracked on my phone. I also went to the cinema and did eat junk food, but it was portion controlled and tracked as well.
I earned 18 activity points and ate them all along with ten weekly points. That still left me with 39 weekly points. I'm trying to not get too fixated on the math, there's no point. It's done, but I can't help but think it was a good week, look over my trackers and wonder what the heck happened?

So I suppose the thing is I am going to have to be positive again. I've had gains before, I let them get to me and then the next week is another gain. Not this time. Though it will be harder this week with two family dinners looming at the weekend and a very emotional Saturday ahead. I'm not giving up and I'm going to continue to track everything.
I'm trying to focus on some success I've had since rejoining but honestly I don't feel like there is much, I suppose the fact I've lasted this long is a positive and that I've managed to be writing away here. I'm looking forward to getting the next few weeks over me and get back into a routine and in the mean time, try not to let the number on the scale make me feel too bad.

Onto my photos from the week. If you follow my instagram you've probably seen some of these from the weekend.

Makeup done for sisters party #noamountofmakeuporflashwilldisguisethesebags #chanel #sephora #benefit #no7

Stripes and alcohol free beer. Cus me and my brother are cool. #partytime
My brother is tea total, so both of us and our alcohol free beers, and stripes.

Family picture :-) #partytime
Myself, my sister and my cousin :-)

Pale vs Tan.

Antics. #partytime #family #awesome #funtimes

And the only two food pics I have that I didn't put in the last post.

Yorkie bar said nothing about it being for men. When did that change? #wwfooddiary #8pp

My toastie machine is all kinds of awesome #wwfooddiary #7pp #thesimpsons #homer
mmmmmmmm homer.

How do you stop a gain from getting to you? Tweet or comment please? I could do with a pick up.


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