Weekly Catch-up and first milestone since re-join!

Just a quick update as this week I got my first milestone since rejoining! I have lost half a stone!!! Reflecting on the week I am not entirely sure how exactly I managed it. But I've done it! My exercise really wasn't at the level it should have been at (is it ever?) So that will be what I work on this week. 

My routine is changing due to work and I know I need to change with it this time and maintain the activity levels I've got myself doing. Of course that is easier said than done but at least this time I am thinking about it. Awareness should hopefully help.

Towards the start of this week my tracking started to get a bit poor. I was tracking hours later, now I suppose at least I was tracking but this is a slippery slope with me. I will wind up not tracking at all and I have no excuse now that my app is working as it should. 

If I were doing this at a class I would be getting a silver seven sticker. But with online you don't get an actual sticker, so what I've done is located some stickers from my crafting supplies. It's a gold seven, partly because this time it's really off and mostly because I didn't have any in silver.

Half a stone!!!!

The pictures from here on are actually for this week, after I weighed in on Tuesday I went out for lunch with some of the lovely ladies I worked with, I had a chance to see the menu last week and there wasn't much scope for healthy food. A Caesar salad was the best I could do. I've searched for one on etools and think it would have been 15 points as the very worst. The place we went to didn't really give any salad bar a bit of celery, it was still nice though.Normally I just go with what I fancy and then take the points out of my weekly or activity allowance, but because it was a work lunch I didn't really want to do that. I have a busy two weekends coming up and would rather the weekly points then.

eating out is always a headache for me, normally I just pick what I fancy and enjoy it.

Had fajitas again this week. Yum.

And I had a good few nice coffees this week so far too.

Happy coffee times with daddy and brother.
coffee with my daddy and brother

in starbucks after a shattering morning. Going to load up on coffee and read. Feel like a student again :-)
A chilled out coffee where i drafted this post and read in Starbucks.I  felt like a student again.


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