Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Champions League Final 2010 weekend

I can not believe it has taken me so long to get round to this post.

Not that weekend past, but the one before, I was off work. I always take the Champions League Final day off.

This time last year we (me and Gav obviously) went to Rome for the Champions League final between Man U and Barcelona. Even though neither of us actually support either team.

Anyway I was just flicking through some of the 1100+ pictures I took over those 5 days (yes I took that many, plus video) to see if there's any I'd put here, like actual body shots, and there's not. I can't believe I actualy let myself get to that weight. It's angering looking at it. The same with my Barcelona pictures from January of this year (those ppictures will one day get an entire post just for them).

No body shots will be included but here's one of me and Gav at the Colliseum.


I can see a huge difference in my face now. Not to mention everywhere else and I can't help but think back now, how the hell did I manage to go around in that heat for five days with that weight on me? Anyway, what I'm left thinking is how glad I've lost so much since then. There's no way I'm going back to that ever.

I've had two fantastic holidays in the last two years, Rome and Barcelona, and I love taking photographs, I think that's evident enough in this wee blog. But there's no way I feel comfortable with what I look like in them and it's annoying. 'Cus some of the pictures are pretty neat and I'd like to shopw them off. Meh, maybe one day?

Anyway, this post is about my weekend off, which was a simple wee few days. but an excellent few days.

I woke up on the Saturday morning feeling brilliant (considering the drunken mess of the night before - I drank shit loads of water though in the pub and then before bed) ands while Gav went off to play football I decided to tackle the front garden, which was starting to make the house look abandoned. This is what it was like in the morning.


Though I only got half way through when Gav came home and said seeing as it was my day off, how about a picnic up cavehill? So we went to the shop, got some stuff for lunch and pottered up the road. As always some pictures:

Gav being daft





I chose more sensible footwear this time.







Lunch was a wee belfast bap with half a pack of tayto cheese and onion. So so sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.


The tayto go out of date on my birthday incidently.




Playing games




more posing.



The castle


By the time we got home Gav's dad had called around and finished the front garden. Legend. So we moved onto the back and decided to both repot and plant stuff to cheer up the block of concrete that is our back.




belfast city council need to have a special bin for glass bottles...







In case you haven't noticed. I love Garden gnomes, I have upwards of twenty, both out the back and in my front porch. It's my aim to also have some garden flamingos, but am yet to come across some in my price range.




My garlic!


And the Sunday was spent lying about the back in the heat, on the trampoline doing some readings for my final essay (which is in almost a week now).

It was a brilliant weekend off. Just lazing about and having a good wee time. Saying that, most of my days have been as good since, I think it's just the stress of university having left me that's just made everything great.


I should head now, need to finish getting ready for work. I'll hopefully post an entry tonight, tomorrow at the latest talking about last week, me and Anna's Spinning class last Friday. And last night's weigh-in!

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