Weigh-In 17! Boldness, Meeting Stuff, Goals.

The last week has been... well mad.

Friday was Gavin's sister's birthday, Now I knew this, and so I prepared for it. Banking my points in the days running up. Being reasonably active and planing to maintain some sort of control over the day. I had only three points all day, and for dinner had a chinese, it was brilliant. The evening was excellent, good food, good company. And I ate a lot, the big chinese, cake, sweeties and chocolate. Points went through the roof a couple of times. Also pretty sure I was drinking sugary diluted juice too.

I don't regret it, because I enjoyed it, the entire evening, it was brilliant. But the next day in work the guilt set in... Not for long though, I went home, felt really shitty and curled up on sofa to be later joined by the lovely boyfriend who came in with another takeaway, this time a garlic chicken pita pocket from the pizzaria. So the boldness continued into the Saturday, then no exercise on the Sunday led to a lot of guilt / punishment on the Monday and Tuesday. But it must have paid of because with this week's meeting I weighed in down another 2lbs!

So as normal, here's my re-cap:

Week 1= Initial starting weigh in

Week 2= -9.5lbs!

Week 3= -2lbs

Week 4= -5.5lbs

Week 5= -1.5lbs

Week 6= week off for easter

Week 7= -2.5lbs

Week 8= -3lbs

Week 9= -4.5lbs

Week 10= -2.5

Week 11= -2.5

Week 12= -2.5

Week 13= -1.5

Week 14= -1.5

Week 15= -3

Week 16= -2

Week 17 = -2

So overall I'm down 46lbs!

And I'm going to be hitting a lot of goals soon too (hopefully).

I'm 3lbs of my 3.5 stone loss.

I'm 4lbs of my 50lb loss.

And I'm pretty sure my 25% mark will be hit in the next week or so... I need to double check on that one.

I'm 7.5 lbs of my own personal goal, the one I was hoping to have hit by January 2011 initially. (Go me)

and 12.5lbs of my gold membership. So very pleased at my progress.

Hoping to have reached the 50lbs by the 6th July. Mostly because it's my graduation on the 7th of July (speaking of which I got my results today! Got my 2:1! And very pleased with myself, really looking forward to graduation now), and that's a nice round number to have hit by then. I joined weightwatchers back in March to get myself to have lost one and a half stone by graduation. Can't believe I'm nearing 3 and a half!


Tuesday's meeting was also brilliant in that I found it very educational. I like 'foody' talks, this one was based on sandwiches, which to be fair, I think I knew everything, but revision is always good. Bread, filling foods and portion size were all addressed. Although once I got out of the meeting I had a craving for bread, in particular veda, which at 1.5 points a slice is a lot more than my .5 slice nimble. And I bought it.

Anyway, as we all know I take a lot of pictures throughout the week, my favourite place being of course my local park, the waterworks, so here's some more pictures, before I wind up avoiding it due to all the scumbags that will inevitably take residence once the kids are out of school.







Last night, after the meeting I had half a bottle of wine, I loved it so much. :)


Tonight? I watch Buffy, celebrate my grades with a wee vodka with fanta... and possibly chocolate.

Good times.

(also in case you're expecting an email from me, i promise i'll send you it in the next few days, things have been mad in my wee world. xx )


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