4 month anniversary with weightwatchers

I have been very bad with my last few posts. I've got a few things half drafted, and seeing as i'm up early today, I thought I'd try and get at least two completed and posted up.

The last week has again been a poor one, although points have been tracked, exercise has been extremely minimal and to be honest, I would have been surprised if I have lost the 1.5lbs that I wanted to hit the 50lbs lost.

It's now been 4 full months since I have joined weightwatchers, and at tonights weigh-in I lost 1lb. The lowest I've ever lost in one week. Saying that, it's still 1 lb closer to goal, and it's still enabled me to have got my next silver seven, which shows me having lost the three and a half stone!!!

Week 1= Initial starting weigh in

Week 2= -9.5lbs!

Week 3= -2lbs

Week 4= -5.5lbs

Week 5= -1.5lbs

Week 6= week off for easter

Week 7= -2.5lbs

Week 8= -3lbs

Week 9= -4.5lbs

Week 10= -2.5

Week 11= -2.5

Week 12= -2.5

Week 13= -1.5

Week 14= -1.5

Week 15= -3

Week 16= -2

Week 17 = -2

Week 18= -2.5

Week 19= 1

So I'm at a 49.5lb loss and here's my newest sticker. I've got one more sticker to get before hitting gold membership.


I can't believe I've turned into that person that says "I only lost one pound" when if you think about what one pound is, that's freeking great.I did just want to have got to the 50lb loss on my 4 month anniversary... But that wasn't to be!

I'm 4lbs from my goal and 9 from gold membership!!!

The meeting tonight was a bit... well it was a foody talk, which I usually love. Buit it was all covered a week or so ago by my usual leader Jackie. What also annoys me is that although I got to my next sticker, she didn't read me off her list of people who made achievements this week. I'm easily annoyed aren't I?

It sort of had me to the point where I was thinking, why am I still here?

And I've left that meeting without the usual excitment and passion I normally do.

I do hope that doesn't affect loss over the next few weeks because the next few weeks will be difficult. I graduate tomorrow, there is no meeting next week, then it's my birthday and me and gavin's trip away for it and I think that means I miss the meeting after that too.



I really can not believe it's taken me a week to finish that post. I suck. Expect the next one, my graduation post in the next hour or so!


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