No meeting this week. Just gluttonous times

Oops, I did have this post finished before I went away this weekend.Just forgot to actually publish it. Silly Sazz. So here it is. Currently drafting my holiday entry which will hopefully be up in the next day or so.

So there was no meeting this week. So late entry with no weigh-in. And generally, I feel a bit lost with the program at the minute, I don't know if that's because the last meeting I attended was such a dud, or if it's my own mental block because of the festivities recently, that is my graduation, Gav's mam's birthday, then my own birthday, plus being off this weekend work for a long weekend will inevitably bring many temptations my way.

I have been, and will continue to be weighing myself at home until I can get to my next meeting but I won't share it here seeing as I tend to focus on the offical numbers here.

We also went out for dinner on Wednesday, in Made in Belfast, I'd never been there before  and I must say, it was nice. Quirky wee restaurant, at first I liked the decor, then it started to feel like urban outfitters had vomited on the walls, but it was pretty. And the food was good, though I wasn't keen on the actual menu. We both went for the chefs special, the salmon, and it was nice. I just don't think I'll be heading back. Definately worth at least one visit though!

Some pictures...







Oh, and I was bold and had skittles. Yum.




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