Despite the fact I gave up tracking three days last week and due to sore shins have knocked my running on the head for a few weeks so haven't been able to accumulate my activity points I lost 2lbs this week! 2lbs, by some crazy, crazy miracle. It makes no sense what so ever considering the work that goes into some weeks and I only lose a meezly half a pound.

Since I put away my scales I've lost 3.5lbs, that's more than I lost in the four weeks before I hid them, I'm left wondering if there is a correlation there?

I really don't understand the loss, but I'll take it :)

You could have knocked me over with a feather when my leader told me, now saying that the fact that I got such a loss doesn't mean I'll be going any easier on myself this week. I'm back on my tracking, Everything is back to my organised, portion controlled and pointed amounts and although I can't do much activity this week - I'm only going to just walk into work two days - as opposed to the normal four days, so don't expect any activity points, I'll still do my best at tracking and enjoying my food.

I know I said I wasn't going to do any maths talk for a while but this week is just too fun not to talk about it!

When I went to my meeting I (finally) got my certificate for my 50lb loss! (hidden surnames for privacy reasons)


Even though, as the maths stands at the moment (from March 2010) I've lost 55.5lbs, that's 3stone 13.5lbs. That's so, so sooooooo crazy.

So a brief mention of my maths is that I am half a pound away from my 4stone! (really hoping for that next week) and 4.5lbs away from my gold membership! I'm beyond shocked about this. It doesn't feel like I'm so close, though when I stand and look at myself in the mirror now I have no idea where these last 4.5lbs are going to come off from.

Something else I want to talk about today are outside influences, and just how they can really play on my mind. Over the last few days I've had a lot of comments about my weight, and I know they are not being said to upset me / annoy me, but for the most part are out of concern / people just saying what pops into their head.

But I've had a random customer in my work, who says he only comes in once a week but has noticed the weightloss, "If you lose anymore weight you'll dissappear"

Also been told "Oh my god Sarah is that you?!?! you're way too skinny!"

I met a good friend that I hadn't seen in a few months that called me "skinny" as soon as she seen me.

I have a girl in work that's told me "you need to stop losing weight now, it doesn't look right on you"

And my first issue is with the word "skinny" it just keeps cropping up everywhere, and I find it weird, mostly because it's never used in reference to me, but mostly because I know it's not true. I'm not skinny, sure I'm a lot slimmer than what I was six months ago, but I'm


@sazzle182 no denying it's great BUT the real success story is YOU. WW only worked because you made the big changes. U rock! xx







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