A week without the scales.

This week's post is a bit late due to my beautiful laptop being sick, infected with a trojan, but so far, as far as I can see, all is okay at the minute. Fully aware I could have emailed a post in, seeing as I use posterous as my host, but then I couldn't add in pictures, and that's no fun.

After my really positive entry last week, I went to my weigh in and depressingly put on half a pound, depressingly because I had no way of understanding how I put on weight, there was just no way I ate that much to have put on weight. Especially not for the amount of exercise I was doing too.
That meeting was also hosted by Elizabeth, a nice enough lady, but a bad motivator.
I took my gain, not really counting it in my head and figured I'll just have to work harder in the next week.
I did not stay for the meeting, and judging from others I have since talked to, no one seemed to, I did note her table set up and think the topic was on 'missing meals' and although this did intrigue me as it's something that I haven't seen covered in a meeting. It didn't tempt me to stick it out. I went home and planned the weeks shopping, meals and exercise. And I stuck to it, not going over my points once.

I also put away my scales, I wrapped them up, back in the box and gave them to the boyfriend to hide away from me, so I went an entire week without weighing myself once!



And it paid off! That Tuesday meeting just past I went to the meeting, was (as I tend to be, probably 'cus I live so close to my meeting) first one there. I stood outside waiting for the doors to open, and I could hear Jackie, my proper leader, the one I have missed so bad. I could have died of happiness walking back into that room and seeing her there. After her two week holiday she was quite disorganised, so I still have no new membership card, this makes my purse look and feel quite sad, but I will have it by next week. She swore, also along with my certificate for 50+lbs lost.

I stood on the scale and found I was down 1.5lbs I was extremely pleased with this, mostly because I was totally petrified of the scale seeing as I had not stood on one in that entire week!

But saying that, that night I went out for dinner, back to my favourite restaurant, Murphy Browns, just up the road from me. And I had dinner there, along with wine and a 6point dessert... Bad Sazz.


I as always went for my chicken fajitas


And garlic potatoes


That were so enjoyed


More boldness ensued once home.



Points went entirely out the window the next few days, I actually got to the point where I just thought, screw tracking. And that's a first with me, I have a total addiction to tracking, I take pictures of that which I can't point at the time to mull it over later if I eat out, and I use apps on my phone for tracking daily, not to mention the proper official tracker I keep in my weightwatchers folder. I have honestly no clue why I did it. But as soon as I realised it, and roughly, through memory calculated the damage - I think I've went over by about 15 - 20points in two days and realised that I can't make up for that in saving points or exercise this week, the anger I felt towards myself was ridiculous.

Until I realised, what can I do? There's no point in getting angry with myself. I just need to get back on track. Literally, back to pointing everything that goes near my mouth. so hopefully this weeks weigh in won't have done too much damage. I do definitely expect to put on because I haven't been saving points, I'm eating up to my 22 because I want to, I haven't been running, or any type of exercise because my right leg started to play up, a weird tingly sort of pain which everyone I've spoke to suspect is shin splints and I'm heading to the doctors this week to confirm suspicions, resting it and taking anti-inflammatory tablets until I find out for sure. Bit worried about it, but sure I can't do anything 'til I get diagnosed properly.

I've tried to be better this week, example one is what I decided to have at starbucks, I have pretty much their entire menu pointed thanks to their app they have available on the itunes store, but I didn't have the points to spare so thought ahead and brought my own cookies.



and example two... is really just me wanting to show off this egg cup.


I'm really hoping the damage isn't too much though I have completely resigned myself to expecting a gain this week.

My focus this week has been on making nice tasting low point meals and it was suggested by Jen that I try make it into a feature, so in addition to having my weekly update, I try a recipe as well, recipe of the week type thing. So we'll see how that pans out.

Expect an update soon!

Sarah xx


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