Exciting News!

It was my plans to do a weekly summary today and leave my exciting news to at least the weekend. But the few people I told have not been able to keep it hush, so here we go.

I'm being featured in The Sunday Life as a fabulous weightwatchers success story!!!
It's been on the cards for a while but it's only been the last week where things have started moving.

A few weeks ago I wrote a short piece on myself and submitted it along with before, during and after pictures.
Last week I got a call from a journalist who's covering the story and had a phone interview with her. She seemed very interested in my use of the internet, inparticular twitter and this blog to get support, so as far as I'm aware that's what she's focused on. I hope she doesn't make me out to be a tit. - Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see!

As if this wasn't exciting enough in itself, today I got a professional photographer come out and take some 'after' pictures. It was fun, if awkward and I felt truely ridiculous at times. But sure how often do you get to do something like that?! I'm so much more used to being the one taking pictures, not being told how to sit, where to sit, and I didn't get to see the pictures either! and I have no clue when it's going to be published. I'm presuming next week, but there's a possibility it could be this week? I should really try find out haha.

I took a wee bathroom picture with myself all fancy, this is what I wore, my hair and makeup done just before the pictures were taken.


So that's it.

The summary will be up tomorrow instead. And what ever Sunday I'm featured I'm sure I'll put a link to it here and possibly scan in the actual printed article!
Exciting eh? Go me!


Sarah xx


(Still hoping to be featured in the offical magazine as cover girl one day!)


  1. legend that is...9 February 2011 at 00:14

    Love it!!! U look amazing btw, but then u always do!!! lglad to hear u had a great time doing it n u managed to get some signature red in the pics lol

  2. OMGEEEEE this is fantastic news! Well done you! I am in London but will get my mum to buy it at the weekend. I will have to wait until Easter to read it. Seriously congratulations well deserved xxx


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