Catching up

It has been a week of poor eating. I didn't make to last weeks meeting and so I didn't have a weigh-in. I have no excuses for my poor eating, just poor choices. I've had two takeaways, loads of wine. Two westlife concerts and a bottle of champagne. Here is the week (and a bit) in pictures.

I feel like I'm having some sort of affair with this man, all I seem to be doing is reading him.


It was my mam's birthday, I loved how I wrapped her pressies.




My sister did my nails


I got chocolates



Me and Gav went to the Sunday Market, I bought a pair of vintage style gloves and a new brooch. I had super champ for lunch.

And a starbucks, where we seen Jimmy Carr.


Then I teased myself withshopping for shoes I can't afford. I didn't get these as much as I wanted to.


Then there was westlife. Which was brilliant this year, I'm debating putting up a post with some pictures, I got some brilliant shots. The show on the second night was great, but there was quite a few disappointing parts. This was me before I went on the second night, in my livingroom with my champagne.

Pretty camera


I baked cookies for Gav (and ate half of them)


And then I also floated about the town with my Nana. I sat in the bank waiting for her. This was the waiting room, I was sitting on a 3 seater sofa, my bag taking up one seat, my bum another and despite this, I still had one oddball sit beside me. Look at the amount of seats and yet she had to sit so close to me - why do people do that? It infuriated me. Creepy creepy people!


We got the peanutbutter and cookie twix in work, I had one stick of it (4propoints for one stick, 7 for the two) and oh my, it is delish. Quite light for an american import, but very very good with a cup of coffee.


We noticed this in work too, it's a pack of 'jumbo nuts'


The small print cracked me up


More chocolate


New biscuits, quite yummy.


And one out of the two takeaways.


Yesterday me and Gav went on a biking adventure, which deserves its own post and is in the process of being drafted. I think we biked 12 miles, I've yet to google the route to get it accurate, but that will all be included.
I'm also back to tracking everything. The bad week hasn't done too much damage on the scales, but I think I'll go to my meeting tomorrow, but I'm not going to weigh-in. the usual rules will apply. No touching my weekly allowance (though I know I can eat them and still lose) I'm sticking to my 29 a day and any extras will have to be earnt through activity.

So that's about it. I'll get the biking adventure up soonish.

Sarah xx


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