Ending a Chapter

I've been very neglectful of this blog haven't I? I think it's because I've been very neglectful of myself. I'm not going to rhyme off everything that I have done that's been pretty bad over the last few months because that will put me into a negative frame of mind and I know I can fix this. I have the tools, both physical and mental to put myself back on track and lose the weight I have put on. I just need to focus.

Having finished my masters I have no courses to do this year. For the first time in 20 years I'm taking a bit of a break from education. Only for a year, but all the same a break is a break. A massive chapter of my life is ending (for now anyway) and I want to make sure that with whatever I do next, I'm both physically and mentally healthy for it.

So that is why I am committing myself to this blog. I will post an update every week, possibly more seeing as I spend my time writing and now I have no university to distract me.

I am returning to looking my weeks, setting challenges and goals for myself and sticking to them, as for this week, I'm boiling down to the basics I know to work.

  1. Planning. It's key to my success when I feel the way I do. I need to be organised, so yesterday I did a huge online shop and have mapped out meal ideas for the week.

  2. Tracking. There's not much I wish that weight watchers would change, but I wish to what ever deity you choose that they would roll out proper support to those not using iphones. The official weight watchers app will not work on my android phone, it won't even download, and there is no mobile site. It's stupid. Especially considering I'm an online subscriber and one of their selling points is an android app calculator. So I have downloaded an unofficial app so I can track all the time (you can find that app here if you're interested), I hope to write up my points every evening into the official site. For me I need to track to keep myself in check. And I hope to track at least 5 days this week, moving into 7 days as a more long term goal.

  3. Moving More. I did originally have plans to join a gym this month. But I simply do not have the money to commit to that. This annoyed me for a bit, until I realised, I lost pretty much four and a half stone without joining a gym. I can lose this without a gym. I dug out my old trackers and checked out what exercise I was doing in the run up to my goal and over the next four weeks I hope to incorporate that routine back into my schedule.

So to clarify, this weeks aims:

  • Plan my weeks menus (done already)

  • Track at least 5 days this week, sticking to my daily allowance of 29 points and making use of my weekly allowance if needed.

  • Walk to work at least 3 out of the 5 days I'm in and at least 1 "proper" workout. Tracking my activity too.

I will not beat myself up about it if I fail any of these goals, just accept it, move on and start again.

I am also not looking at the scales. For me this is more than just a number on a scale, it's about how I feel.Focusing on the healthy things like my food, exercise and water intakes will allow the number to go down. I want my focus to be on health and not numbers. This worked well for me last time.

I've also did a bit of a crash revision course on my folder from my meeting (which I haven't been attending and don't think I will for another while yet) to get my mind back on track,


and I still have 2 of the weight watchers magazines to catch up on (3 if you include the November copy which hasn't shown up yet, if anyone reading this has received theirs can you tell me? Since renewing my subscription none are showing up on time / to the correct place.

So that's that, next week I'll post saying how I've got along and create new mini goals.


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