Long Overdue post

I've had a few emails from various people wondering what on earth has happened to me. Did I explode out of stress?

Well I can tell you all that I'm grand, I did explode in a ball of stress, a few times, but uni is all over, I've handed in my Masters and now I'm playing the waiting game, hoping that it will all pay off and I will actually graduate.

That was the 15th of September, it is now the 2nd October, what have I done I hear you ask? Well to be honest, not that much. I feel like I need to rest, mentally I am shattered after that last few weeks, even now and I've really just spent the last few weeks tidying my house (therapeutic though I've still loads more to do), catching up with reading for fun, chilling out watching my favourite TV shows, and I went away for a long weekend for me and the wonderful Gavin's 5th anniversary.

I have been a little sickened of writing so I needed a few weeks break from that. But overall I think I'm good. I have a few wee projects to do for fun, doing some non-blog writing and then of course working my day job. Hoping for a full-time job in the coming months and some afternoon classes somewhere to keep the mind busy too.

It's been a very weird adjusting period, not having something to research. It's going to be a fun gap year.

Anyway, a post isn't a post from me without photos, so here's a select few of the last month or so.

One Tuesday evening I drove my sister to Bangor to see The Script, me and Gav had dinner in pizzahut and ice cream by the promanade




On the day I handed my dissertation in Gav took a half day from work, while I waited for him to  get out I went to one of my favourite places in Belfast, Botanic. I spent a good time in the main house and then headed to the Rose Garden







And then there was tea.


A few weekends ago my good friend Linzi appeared at my house with a three bottles of wine. The genius lady.


About 12/1am we then wanted Domino's, those of you in my facebook feed then probably seen the following pics.





AWESOME evening had.


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