Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of emails from people, so I decided to make up a FAQ page so I'm not answering the same questions over and over again (which to be fair are answered time and time again throughout the blog)

Who are you?
I am Sarah / Sazz. I'm 20 something and Irish. I live with my boyfriend Gavin and have just finished my Masters in Queens University Belfast. I work in retail though hope to find something to complement my qualifications soon. You can find out more about me here in my about page, or more about my personal history here on my post about my weightwatchers journey to date / my goal post.

What weight loss plans have you followed?
Although I currently follow weight watchers I have tried a number of other plans to lose weight. Only weight watchers has worked for me. I believe this is for two reasons.

  1. I actually wanted to lose weight this time, I wanted to lose weight for good. To be successful at weight loss I believe you need to actively want to do it, for yourself.
  2. I chose weight watchers because it is a healthy way to lose weight, the weekly meetings provided much needed support, the plan itself is mentally healthy, addressing behaviours with food and promoting 'a little bit of what you fancy', allowing me not to cut out any particular foods (because I would have craved them) and most importantly, introducing portion control. I have tried other systems that did not promote portion control and I had gained weight because I do eat healthy food, I just ate and drank too much.

I generally don't mention the other plans that have failed for me in this blog for a number of reasons, the biggest being just because it didn't work for me, does not mean it doesn't work. For me I wanted to use the healthiest option out there and for me that was weight watchers. Note that I stress for me.

When did you join weight watchers?
I joined weight watchers in March 2010. This blog started around that time to document my progress with weight watchers but since then has just became my place to talk about weight, university, clothes, holidays, really just whatever I want. I don't like pigeon-holing it into one particular thing. 

How much weight did you lose?
I lost 60lbs with the weight watchers discover plan. I have since moved to the weight watchers pro-points plan

How long did it take you?
It took me 8 months to lose my 60lbs. This included a few months of a plateau.

How do you keep motivated?
This is a tough one. Because I know I can be very positive for this blog, but I am not always very motivated. As I write this post I am up in weight and finding it difficult to get back into the swing of weight watchers. I find losing weight much easier than maintaining it. I think that is why this blog is so important to my success with weight watchers, it keeps me accountable and allows me to organise my thoughts and feelings. A lot of different things keep me motivated, I suppose the biggest being my own success and the success of friends and family.

How can I talk to you?
I have a contact page, that has everything you need to get in contact, again, if you add me on twitter, please do interact. I have no time for internet drama, or any type of drama, I have had women old enough to be my mother complain I do not follow them back when they never interacted with me in the first place. It's embarrassing, so please do follow and interact, otherwise I will think you are just another one of the silly spam / businesses that follow me.


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