Failing at controlling cravings.

Just a short wee post to discuss the complete failure of a few days I’m having.

Next to no exercise is being done despite the load of energy I have at the minute. I’m very bogged down in a human rights essay which I’m trying to do for most of today, it’s due on Thursday but I’m aiming to have it down by Tuesday night and handed in Wednesday morning so I can have two days to learn for my sociology exam (the last exam I’m ever going to have to do!).

And my eating has been grand for the first few days of the week, been good and low in points Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Yesterday in work was not goof though. I wanted to munch all around me. The craving for cheese took over and I went for a Jambon.


I figured it couldn’t be that bad and I enjoyed it. A lot. I emailed cuisine de france when I got home for the nutritional info and they were very quick in replying I had 7.5 points of pastry and cheese. I could have threw up when I realised that, I have full dinners less than that. Don’t think I’ll ever have another one of those in my life.  You’d think that was the last of yesterday being bad? It was not. I was meant to go home and get ready to go to local bar with Gavin for some football thing. Mood swing hit me after I got home and I was way too lazy to meet him. SO I texted to say I’d rather stay at home where I proceeded to get very frustrated with the lack of tv signal, munched a packet of walkers crisps – 3 points.


And a pack of smarties from one of my easter eggs – 6 points.


Plus have my baked potato, beans and salad for dinner. And yes, I did put all of them on a plate and sat down to have all my bold munches. As I said before I never have been a fan of eating on my feet. Everything was enjoyed. If a bit spoilt by the later impending guilt hit.

Last nights points, well I gave up calculating. I’ve never done that. Got to the emotional low last night where I just wrote ‘thousands’ in my tracker for the points consumed today. I think, now that I’m working it out it was closer to 25. Two above my celiing. And I did have points to spare from earlier in the week. So hopefully not too much damage.

Normally when I feel guilt like that after a bit of a bad-day-blow-out, I’m right back on track the next day. That is not the case despite the fact I’ve woke up completely grand mood wise and happy that the dull headache I’ve had for the last two weeks is now gone – yay 13 hours of sleep.

This morning I munched a weightwatchers triple choc bar and 2 cranberry cookies (3 points for all) for breakfast, then a late lunch of 8.5, still having dinner later and a 2 point muffin as another general munch. No idea where the desire to munch all around me is coming from. Not sure how to address it, is it stress from uni work which is building up manifesting in a different way than usual? Meh, sorta doubt it, more likely just natural love of bold food tendancies trying to resurface... No clue. Hope it goes soon though. I’ll be completely devastated if I don’t get down the 1.5lbs I need to get to my next silver seven on Tuesday.

Plan to later on tonight print the first of my rise and shine challenge charts (see my last post) as I’m starting that tomorrow regardless of where I am in this essay. 20 minutes before I start the essay again isn’t going to hurt, especially the way I procrastinate.

Anyway. Probably check in on Tuesday with the next weigh-in results!

Sarah x



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