My week and weigh in #10

Hello! I write this just after my latest weigh-in!

But before I jump into that I'll talk about my week.

Overall, exercise wise, I did next to nothing, walked to work three times, ran once, played kinetic on the eyetoy once. Went to the swimming pool on friday but didn't so much swim as I did float about.

I know I said last time I was going to knock the sneeky weigh-ins on the head. But I didn't, i weighed myself throughout the week, though it was less frequent than usual. And my scales fluxuated madly. At one point I had put on 2lbs, at one point I was down 5lbs.

I did not want to gain weight, or even stay the same because I was good all week. No drinking at all and the highest I went was 18.5points one day (I'm allowed 23), so that with the little exercise I did do should mean loss right?

I was surprisingly very very good that week just there though I think my mood went a bit mad due to exhaustion some days. It's been a busy week what with Mark Lanegan gig:

Me and Gav at Lanegan:


Lanegan before he took his huff and left the stage early.


The one thing I had this week which was bold (not as odd as the garlic bread flavour one):


I think the big thing that happened this week was the re-evaluation of my wardrobe. I'm skint most of the time and don't go out much, I have my friends over to my house or go to coffee etc. And although I'm rediscovering dresses and jeans I used to wear, I realised before going to westlife I don't actually have more than two outfits that fit me right.

Quite pleased that this mini skirt with big buttons fits me again.


But going through everything else, nothing else did. So yesterday, Bank holiday monday I went shopping with Gavin and got me new outfits, my favourite being this one:


Also got myself a new pencil skirt that fits, just on the look out now for some nice new shirts. I'm down two dress sizes, always good. Bit annoying when you have no money to be able to update your wardrobe, but still. It's a nice feeling.


Onto the weigh-in and meeting! Because I'm going to see Dara OBriein tonight myself and my friend Anna decided to go to the earlier meeting. Jackie, our lovely leader was sick so we had a replacement, who's name I never actually caught.

Anyway, I'm down! 2.5lbs!!! So very, very pleased. I'm at an over all loss of 31lbs!!! Or 2stone 3lbs!

Today's meeting topic was motivation and the woman who took the meeting started it with giving everyone a tea bag and talking about how we make our tea, do we just dip the tea bag in, just to color the water before taking it out? And suggesting that this is what weightwatchers is to a lot of people, we're like tea bags who dip in for a short while before taking ourselves out, which hinders our maintainence and most of the time means we put the weight back on.


she encouraged everyone to share their motivations, reminding people why they even joined in the first place and share how much they've lost. I of course declared my 31lb loss quite proudly, but being in a different class I think a few people didn't believe me judging by some of the looks.

My other complete favourtie part of the meeting was the bag of fat. The leader took a pound of fat she bought from the butchers and passed it round. Only losing 1lb a week sounds very little, but when you actually lift the pound of fat, feel it and see it it's shocking, the idea that I've lost 31 of these is just mental.


I'm going to cut this post short because I need to get ready for tonight and I haven't a clue where Gavin is either, haven't had dinner either so I'm thinking it's going to be a bad evening. But sure, what can you do?

Over all very pleased with this week and the loss and I'll probably add to this tomorrow. Very scrappy post. Apologies.




Oh and in case I don't get round to it, not feeling too positive about this week, mostly due to both Gavin and my sisters birthdays. But then the way things are looking there's a high likliness I'm not going to bother to do anything for either of them.


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