Weigh-in 12!

Last night was weigh-in 12, and my 13th week on the plan.

After Friday night's drunken silliness I went up a pound on both my own scales and the ones across the road in boots. Meet my scales, ww own brand and no matter what stage the battery is at, is never consistant with the scales in my meeting. I suck balls with my constant sneeky weigh-ins. I really need to knock them on the head.


I then obviously went into punishment mode, and I'm glad I did, because I still managed to get down 1.5lbs!!!!

So doing my usual re-cap

Week 1= Inital starting weigh in

Week 2= -9.5lbs!

Week 3= -2lbs

Week 4= -5.5lbs

Week 5= -1.5lbs

Week 6= week off for easter

Week 7= -2.5lbs

Week 8= -3lbs

Week 9= -4.5lbs

Week 10= -2.5

Week 11= -2.5

Week 12= -2.5

Week 13= -1.5


And that means I'm down 37.5lbs! or down 2stone 9.5 lbs.

And playing about with the math (cus you all know I'm a geek and I love statistcs and graphs) I think I've worked out that I should have lost 20% of my body weight by next week.

And I'm 17lbs of my weightwatchers target weight. 12.5lbs off my own target! Wooooooo me :)

So this quick entry is over, I have my last ever essay for university due in tomorrow and then I'll finally get round to my fantastic weekend entry complete with picnic pictures :) and get back into the swing of exercise.

Til then,

Sarah xxx


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