Three Month Anniversary with WeightWatchers

It has been a while, I think about a week since I last updated and I've much to type about. The last week has been hectic due to the last two weeks of university. I had the mother of all essays due in on Thursday (got it in) and an exam on the Friday so everything went on the back burner, I've a wee bit more time now as my last essay isn't due until Thursday so hello blog readers. I've plans for three entries including this one. The first will be this one. Which is going to blither about the last week and Tuesday's weigh-in. The second entry will be mostly a photo entry of yesterdays events - last day of uni and evening drinkies! And finally the third entry will be about today, Saturday, Champions League Final day and therefore a day off work. I've fricking loved today so much!

Before I start anything I have to talk about last Thursday, I was in uni and in one of my classes was a girl who was talking to her friend about quitting slimming world because she's been on it 6 months and only lost 4lbs and she can't understand that program what so ever. The girl went on to say that she wanted to join weightwatchers! And then her friend turned and said "i don't know anyone who likes that group, most people don't lose much at all, stick with slimmingworld, persistance is the key"

I could not hold my tongue. I had to butt in and declare my almost 2.5 stone weightloss in less that three months! All with weightwatchers. And her friend started arguing with me over how it doesn't work. Feck sake girl, I'm in your class three years, have you not noticed the loss? I took off my jacket and the original girls jaw hit the ground (yoh me!), I pulled out my weight watchers folder and helped her work out how many points she's allowed and told her how to calculate them, told her that you can have anything as long as you point it and explained what our free point foods are, slimming worlds seems very complex. And I think I converted her. Quite pleased, gave her my email if she needs a wee chat about it. Weight watchers is awesome!!!

Anyway, I have been very swamped with uni work and my head has been away with itself with stress, last Monday I was working on the evil essay when gav suggested we go for a walk to clear my head. I loved it. As always here's some pictures of the just over 3 mile walk we did.











I didn't realise we were going to walk up and into the country park so made a poor choice footwear wise





Later than evening I had points to spare so I had half a milka with a cup of tea. It was gooood.



Tuesday was obviously weigh-in day, I'm onto weigh-in 12! which is my three month anniversary with weightwatchers, and I went down another 2.5lbs!

So doing my re-cap

Week 1= Inital starting weigh in

Week 2= -9.5lbs!

Week 3= -2lbs

Week 4= -5.5lbs

Week 5= -1.5lbs

Week 6= week off for easter

Week 7= -2.5lbs

Week 8= -3lbs

Week 9= -4.5lbs

Week 10= -2.5

Week 11= -2.5

Week 12= -2.5

Which has taken me to my 2.5stone mark! 

Meet my new beautiful sticker!


Down 36lbs in three months! And I am now exactly 14lbs from my target weight! Go me! Be there in no length of time!!!

This week I also bought my graduation dress and shoes so hoping I'll fit into it by the first week of July!

Any of you who know me will know I always wear a claddagh ring. My parents bought me one for my 8th birthday and since then I've always had one. I love it. and a few years ago I bought a new one, just plain silver and I wear it traditionally, which is on my right hand ring finder heart turned in 'cus my heart belongs to Gavin :) 

The last week or so anytime I wash my hands / food I notice it nearly slip off, I nearly lost it down the drain on Tuesday and I took it off wondering why the hell is it coming off? And then it dawned on me, I must have lost weight on my fingers! How incredibly odd!!! So I'm going to have to have a search through old jewelry boxes to find an old one that fits!

These are some dark photos but hopefully you can see how much of a gap there is.



freeking weird!

This week has been the beginning of the rise and shine challenge for me and for the first three days I've adored it. Used my eyetoy and woke up each morning to burn off between 100 and 200 cals. Excellent way to start the day and then I'm doing my normal exercise later in the day, which has been walks so far, no runs yet. Anyway, one of the motivational comments for week one was this!


Thatcher motivational?!?!?! hahahahahaha.

I walked down to my Nana's hose a few days ago which is a few miles in itself, it was a very warm day as I walked through the park


I got to my Nana's flats where she lives on the tenth floor. I could have cried when both lifts were out of order, so began the stairs.



I could have melted, but I felt great for doing them, so I've decided from now on I'm going to walk the stairs, unless loaded with shopping. They'll get easier eventually.

Another wee picture I want to include, This dairy milk caramel is from inside one of my easter eggs, I decided when writing the evil essay that for every 1000 words i get rewarded with a square, which is about a point.


And that's it for this post, tomorrows will be pictures of friday drinkies with end of uni do, and then I'll do another one of the pure aswesomeness that was today.


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